Blogging From Inside North Korea

Pyongyang Taxi

An average Pyongyang street scene – photo by Joseph A Ferris III

While surfing the web I found some interesting posts over at NK News about Ashen, a Russian student living and blogging in Pyongyang, North Korea.  Believed to be the only blogger in the DPRK, background about Ashen has been hard to track down.  His blog, Show and Tell Pyongyang, is in Russian, and the guys at NK News have spent a lot of time running it through translation software, polishing up his text, and presenting summery posts. Their investigative work leads them to believe Ashen’s parents work at the Russian embassy, where he has access to the internet and is able to blog, and that he is currently enrolled at the Pyongyang Kim Il-sung University.

Here are the links to the NK News site summery posts and translations of Ashen’s blog:

A Blogger In Pyongyang (Part 1) – Intro and college life in the DPRK.

A Blogger in Pyongyang (Part 2) – Further investigation into college life in the DPRK.

A Blogger in Pyongyang (Part 3) - Metro, Ostrich farm, and North Korean cigarettes.

Pyongyang Shooting Gallery - Ashen visits  a gun range.

New Year & Xmas Celebrations – Rare photos of Pyongyang in the winter.

North Korean Toys: Juche Lego Sets – Popular North Korean toys.

North Korea’s Juche Toy Industry – Part 2 – More popular North Korean toys.

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